A software package for the analysis of Time Series and Earth Tides

One of the Top-50 most cited articles published in Computers & Geosciences 2005-2010

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A brief description

TSoft, created by Paul Vauterin, is a software package for the analysis of time series and Earth Tide series, developed at the Royal Observatory of Belgium.
In contrast to most of the existing systems, it allows the user to process the data in a fully interactive and graphical way, taking advantage of the extended graphics capabilities of the current computer systems.
This approach has a number of important advantages, particularly in the field of error correction of (strongly perturbed) data, and the detection and processing of special events (e.g. free oscillations after Earthquakes).
In addition, TSoft offers the possibility to write scripts, which allow one to simplify and speed up routine tasks considerably.

Tsoft can also be used as a nice and attractive educational tool, e.g. for signal processing (Calculation of spectra, aliasing, filtering, transfer function, ...)

The software offers the following tools:

Import and export of a variety of file formats
Convenient visualization and printing of data channels
Arithmetical calculations between different data channels
Changing sample rate & sample frame, using anti-aliasing filters
Calculation of synthetic tides and residuals, provide latitude dependent tidal parameter set
Automatic and interactive correction of spikes, earthquakes, steps, etc.
Time-dependent, nonlinear calibrations
Compensation of varying time shifts & calculation of time delay between channels (correlation)
A wide range of filters (FFT, LSQ, Butterworth, polynomial.)
Multilinear least squares fits using different drift models
Moving-window time dependent least square fits
Frequency-dependent admittance determination
Calculation of spectra and power spectra, using different data windowings
Moving-window time dependent spectra
Phase graphs, Allan variance, autocorrelation
Calculation of transfer function (step response, sine waves)
Calculation of gravity gradient (multilinear least squares fits)

Computer requirements

The software runs on PC compatibles using Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 , Windows XP, Windows NT or Windows 7.
Graphical images can be printed out in black and white or in colour on any Windows printer.
In addition, the software can export images to other Windows applications using the clipboard.

What's new on Tsoft?

(2015-04-23 Version 2.2.10):

-Script "corr_detectspikes" takes "creategaps" and "diagnostic only" into account.
! It is optionnal, Tsoft can work with old scripts which do not contain this information as before.
-New script "addcomment"
-New script "BPLSQfilter" ( double lcutoff , double hcutoff , int window , string freq , int nr )
-Possibility to make submenus in the script menu
-Bug in “detide”: incorrect frequencies if sampling rate differs from 1s. Corrected.
-Two more spectra can be added in the FFT Spectrum window: 6 can be seen at the same time in stead of 4.
-When filling gaps using the "auto detect gaps" tool: newly created data remained unselected in the gaps. Corrected.
-Filling gaps with zeroes is now possible (better before computing FFTs)

Updated manual : here

Previous releases


TSoft is a public domain software, which means that everyone is allowed to get a copy free of charge.

When citing Tsoft, please refer to:

Van Camp, M., and Vauterin, P., Tsoft: graphical and interactive software for the analysis of time series and Earth tides,
Computers & Geosciences, 31(5) 631-640, doi: 10.1016/j.cageo.2004.11.015, 2005.
  One of the Top-50 most cited articles published in Computers & Geosciences 2005-2010

Download TSoft package [v2.2.12, 2015-10-19]: uncompress the files in a "C:\Tsoft" directory (or "D:\Tsoft" or "E:\Tsoft" ...);
You will find 8 files and the 2 required sub-directories \macro (1 file) and \tidata (1 file).

!! Think about making a back up of your *.TSD (database) and *.TSM files (\macro directory) on a regular basis.

To run Tsoft on Mac OS X ((INTEL): click here (Thanks to Gilles Celli!)

To run Tsoft on Linux: try Sun Virtual Box, version 3.1.4

There is a manual available in pdf format.

Download TSoft manual (version 2.2.10 23-04-2015)

Please have a look to this chapter before reporting bugs, and ensure that the encountered problems are really due to the new TSoft version.

Reported bugs

For further information, please contact :

Marc Hendrickx
Royal Observatory of Belgium
Avenue Circulaire, 3
BE-1180 Uccle

E-mail: Marc Hendrickx [To sent an e-mail append @oma.be to firstname.lastname (firstname.lastname@oma.be)]

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